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Wintrust Mortgage is an independent division of Wintrust Financial Corporation. The division has 15 banking subsidiaries spread across the southern parts of Illinois and Wisconsin. Wintrust Mortgage became popular in the country when it took advantage of the 2008-2009 global economic crisis and purchased a number of troubled banks in Chicago. The bank‘s core mandate is to provide its clients with flexible and affordable mortgage options.

The company, which was founded in 1981, currently controls more than $20 billion assets from its parent company, Wintrust Financial Corporation. It is a licensed mortgage operator in over 50 states and is among the top 100 largest providers in the United States. The company lent over $4.0 billion in 2015. The figure is expected to increase when the company releases its financial statements for the year 2016.

Wintrust’s Affiliations

Wintrust Mortgage ReviewWintrust Mortgage is one of the few financial institutions that enjoy close relationships with companies in over 130 retail markets in Chicago and its surroundings. It has offices in almost every street in Chicago. The company has a website for preparing and planning purchases for both first-time buyers and sellers. The website also has several customized calculators that allow clients to estimate the value of the properties they want and calculate their ROIs.

Products and services offered by Wintrust Mortgage

Wintrust Mortgage is well-known for its Preflight program that guides the clients through the mortgage application process. The service offers a platform for a precise ID authentication in order to prevent any form of identity theft. It also offers information about the client’s credit situation and gives them control over sensitive financial data.

mortgageThe company offers traditional mortgages with the Federal National Mortgage Association. The company offers reverse mortgages to retirees under the Housing Authority and the U.S Department of Agriculture. It owns several community banks that allow it to offer retail banking services. Those who want wealth management services can also keep in touch with Wintrust Mortgage professionals in Chicago and others parts of Illinois to get an estimate. Other services available in the company include;

  • Retail and whole treasury management
  • Online banking and reporting
  • International banking options
  • Lines of credit
  • Letters of credit
  • Life insurance premiums

The company recently revised its rates and put the limit for commercial lending at $180 million.

Mortgage Rates

The company has online financial calculators that helps the clients to calculate their possible mortgage rates. The company does not display mortgage rates on its website. You can get the current mortgage rates via a phone call or a visit to one of the branches. However, you can benefit from the online resources that show you how to calculate the amount you can afford for a mortgage. You will also benefit from the helpful tips on mortgage.

What people are saying about Wintrust Mortgage

mortgageThere are mixed reactions about the company online. Most of the complaints about the company are about the its failure to tell customers about the mortgage rates upfront. A good number of people also complained about the large amounts of paperwork involved during application and the absence of a contact information on their website. In LendingTree Inc., Winston mortgage has over 200 reviews and a rating of 4.0 out of five stars. According to the site, over 70 percent of people would recommend the company to their friends and relatives. Over 70 percent of the reviewers gave a four-star rating and above. Depending on these reviews, we can say that the company is fairly reliable. If you want a mortgage, you can try them and tell us about your experience. However, it is imperative you put your interest first when choosing a financier.