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Since 1983, Weststar Mortgage has been working hard to satisfy the many varied needs of its clients through exceptional loan programs and quality loan servicing support. The company is based in New Mexico, and it has branches as well as correspondent lending offices in many other states across the country to better serve its customers’ needs. Because Weststar Mortgage offers new loan programs for refinancing and purchasing as well as loan servicing for established mortgage clients, it has a full-service website that is designed to meet all needs. It also has a friendly support team available to assist you over the phone.

The Loan Programs Available

mortgageOne of the first experiences many will have with Weststar Mortgage is during the loan application process. Getting prequalified for a mortgage is a first step to take, and you can complete this over the phone or online. By doing so, you will learn more about the loan terms you may qualify for to facilitate your buying or refinancing plans. This includes 15 and 30-year fixed term loans, several hybrid or adjustable options, a 2/1 buydown mortgage program, an annual ARM and a monthly ARM. The rates for these programs typically fluctuate daily, but you may be able to lock in your interest rate soon after you complete the loan prequalification process and officially get the application started.

Services Available Online

The loan application is available in both a long and short version online as a convenience to loan applicants like you. The website for Weststar Mortgage also features a mortgage glossary that you can easily refer to as needed throughout the loan process as well as a loan status page that is designed to keep you updated with the progress of your loan. You can even submit loan documents to your loan process or underwriter through the online portal on the website.

Loan Servicing

Weststar Mortgage ReviewWeststar is proud to be one of the nation’s largest services of GNMA loans, and this includes servicing for loans it originates as well as loans that it has purchased from other companies. Whether you applied for your home loan through Weststar Mortgage directly or you applied for your GNMA loan through another lender, you can benefit from the straightforward design of the website. Once you log in to the loan servicing page, you will be able to pay your bill, set up auto-draft payments, access tax forms and statements, download account details to Excel and complete a host of other tasks that may be relevant to your needs. Keep in mind that Weststar Mortgage also provides its valued customers with full service through its toll-free number during regular business hours.

With its established reputation, its great loan programs and its outstanding customer service, you can see that WestStar Mortgage is in a league of its own. If you are thinking about applying for a new home loan to buy a new property or to refinance an existing loan, now is a great time to complete the loan application online. By taking this step, you will be well on your way to achieving the real estate goals you have in mind.