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When United Wholesale Mortgage was established in 1986, it was an up-and-coming lending business that focused primarily on residential financing in a selective region of the country. Over the years, it has grown its number of broker partnerships as well as expanded into territories that span from coast to coast. Today, this national wholesale lender strives to help its broker partners boost their profits by providing a host of exceptional loan programs and by setting up an affordable loan structure that puts more money in partners’ pockets. If you have been looking for a great wholesale lender to work with that can help you to grow your own business, there are a few reasons why you may want to consider United Wholesale Mortgage as your preferred lender.

Loan Programs That Help You Earn More Business

United Wholesale Mortgage ReviewThe lender who you choose to work with will play a major role in your success as a mortgage broker, and one of the most important ways the lender influences your level of success is through the loan programs offered. When you work with United Wholesale Mortgage, you will benefit from access to FHA, VA, jumbo, conventional, USDA and non-agency loans. These are loans with various term lengths, low interest rates and low down payment requirements. They are ideal for both refinancing and purchasing, and they enable you to better serve your clients many varied needs.

Friendly, Fast Loan Processing and Underwriting

If you are serious about expanding your business and boosting profitability with the selection of a new wholesale lender, there is more to consider than just offering great loan programs. You also need to find a lender that offers fast, friendly loan processing and underwriting. United Wholesale Mortgage is a large, established firm that has the infrastructure necessary to handle high loan volume while still giving each loan request the personalized attention it deserves. In turn, this enables you to provide the best service possible to your valued customers. Through this effort, you can improve word of mouth referrals, repeat business from satisfied customers and more.

High Tech Features to Facilitate the Loan Process

mortgage reviews 1Technology has evolved to change the way the top lending institutions do business, and you will be pleased to learn that United Wholesale Mortgage excels in this area. Many of the services and features you need access to on a regular basis are integrated into the website via a login feature. This enables you to access account information at any time of day or night. You can easily check on the status of your loan requests, submit documents and more through the online portal. This is just one of many ways United Wholesale Mortgage is using technology innovatively to improve the loan process. The company also provides exceptional live service from your contact representatives.

United Wholesale Mortgage only works with approved mortgage brokers. Now that you have learned more about what this lender offers, you may be ready to sign up to do business with them. You can easily call United Wholesale Mortgage today to inquire about the application process and to get started submitting your first loans to them.