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Whether you are applying for your first loan or you are an experience home loan applicant, applying for a new mortgage can seem intimidating and stressful. The lender who you choose to work with can make a big difference in your overall lending experience, and you can easily enjoy a streamlined, straightforward loan process when you choose SWBC Mortgage as your home financing lender. SWBC Mortgage offers loans in all 50 states, and it employs more than 150 loan officers nationwide. In addition, it is a full-service lending company that was established in 1988 and that regularly ranks as one of the top private lenders in the country. With closer review of what SWBC Mortgage offers, you may easily make the decision to apply for your next home loan with this company.

Loan Products for All Needs

SWBC Mortgage ReviewFrom investment properties to second homes and from owner-occupied to single family homes, duplexes, fourplexes and more, there are a wide range of lending needs that must be met. SWBC Mortgage steps up to the plate by providing loan products for all needs, and this includes products like VA and FHA loans. It also offers programs for conventional loans, Texas vet loans, FNMA loans, jumbo loans, USDA rural loans, loans for multi-unit residential properties and more. While some lenders cater to a select few by offering a limited range of products, SWBC Mortgage goes a step above and beyond through its extensive list of lending programs.

Before You Begin the Loan Process

It is wise to shop around and to compare loan terms before you apply for a home loan, and SWBC Mortgage encourages you to compare its rates and terms against other offers you receive. While comparing loan programs, also compare the level of service you receive from SWBC Mortgage against the service others provide. The company is confident that those who make an active comparison will choose SWBC Mortgage over the other options. The loan reps at SWBC Mortgage want to help each customer make an informed decision that is right for their unique situation, and they are eager to set up affordable loan terms.

Putting Online Resources to Work for You

Pulte Mortgage Review 2While you can undoubtedly expect to receive friendly, helpful customer service from the team at SWBC Mortgage, the company also takes the additional step of providing you with considerable financial resources online. For example, you can find mortgage calculators for renting versus buying, determining what an adjustable rate mortgage may adjust to, determining how large of a mortgage payment you can afford and more. There are also great articles and blog posts written on topics such as things to look for a new home, how to apply for a home loan and more.

SWBC Mortgage is considered to be one of the top independent lenders in the country, and after your first experience with them, you will see for yourself why this is true. Regardless of whether you have plans to buy a new home or to refinance your existing loan, you can reach out to the team at SWBC Mortgage today to begin the loan process.