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State home mortgage has been in business for over 41 years. State home mortgage is a company that provides mortgage servicing for the GA Dream Program. Many people have sought services from the enterprise and have given their reviews regarding the services they got and whether they liked it or not. The majority of the reviews are not positive. This comes as a wake-up call for the State Home Mortgage company to improve their services to impress their customers.

state home mortgage reviewOne customer stated that the mortgage company needed to be shut down due to their poor service. He said that he had to make more than five phone calls when he wanted to reset the password. He added that the company refused to remove PMI from his mortgage until they got a written letter even when the problem lied on their side. He realized that all calls made to the company went to voicemail and this was very poor customer care. He said that he would not prefer to have the business as his lender again. He did not like their services at all.

Another customer said that it was unusual for her to post negative reviews but State that Home Mortgage Company prompted her to do so. She stated that she could not wish for any other individual to go through what she experienced at the hands of the company. She advised those who had sold their mortgage to State Home to refinance it immediately. The client said that she did not get the services she had expected although she had worked with the enterprise for several years. The customer stated that the employees of the company were miserable and they did not have the best interests of clients in mind. She said that her phone calls were never answered and it took a long time to close when she finally decided to refinance with another bank since State Home Mortgage did not want to corporate.

mortgageA different customer stated that they had been dealing with the company for four years and it was unclear why his mortgage would inflate from year to year. He said that the rates kept on fluctuating although he had a signed an apparent contract with the company about having a fixed rate. This confused him. He says that he has no interests of working with the company ever again and that they should work on improving their services. Another unsatisfied customer stated that he wanted to get out of the company since it was terrible. He added that the firm failed to pay his homeowners insurance for the second time and he could not get a clear explanation when he visited the company. He terms the company as unprofessional and incredibly negligent.

Another customer stated that her husband and herself were with State Home Mortgage and that their mortgage was sold on a closing day after buying their dream home about two years ago. The customer states that she never seems to get hold of anyone and that she has been suspended numerous times for more than an hour. She added that the Atlanta number of the company is ever busy and one can never get to talk to the enterprise. Her advice to other people is that they should save their money and look for a better company that has better services than State Home Mortgage. State Home Mortgage should sit back and restructure their firm regarding customer service concerning these reviews. A customer should be satisfied right from customer care to the kind of services they get in order to give good reviews.