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Finding a mortgage is as simple as heading to the bank with which you’ve had a long-standing relationship your entire life for many buyers. For others, it’s a shocking realization that their bank doesn’t offer the most competitive rates, the best terms, or even the best deals as they shop for a new home. There are many options for finding a mortgage when shopping for a new home, and many of those options come in the form of smaller, lesser-known mortgage companies. Starkey Mortgage isn’t small, but it’s not nearly as well-known as the major financial institutions housed in the country. If you’re looking for a mortgage with competitive rates and great terms, this is a lender you should get to know.

Application Process

Starkey Mortgage ReviewStarkey Mortgage is a lender that makes it easy to obtain a mortgage for just about anyone looking at a new home. The company allows their customers to find a loan online, and they assign all applicants their own personal loan officer. Once you submit your online application, the company provides you with a personal officer who will contact you to discuss your options. Starkey offers more than one or two mortgage options, which means you have a chance to change the way you buy a home.

Once the loan officer at Starkey Mortgage has your personal information on file, they’ll give you a call to discuss your options. This means finding what you’re prequalified for and determining which loan options work well with your budget. Your officer is there for you the entire process, and they work to find the most affordable and best mortgage options on the market.

Mortgages Available

At Starkey Mortgage, there’s options for all buyers. Whether you’re a young couple with a small down payment hoping to buy a home for the first time, or someone who wants to buy a home with a much larger budget, this company has what you need.

  • mortgageConventional Mortgages: These are designed for buyers looking to put down at least 20% of the asking price of the home, and who plan on financing their home for 30-years.
  • ARM: These are adjustable rate mortgages that change over the years. There are several you can choose from with different rates and terms.
  • FHA: Many buyers live on a smaller income and are unable to save enough to pay a 20% down payment on a house, which means they need a loan that finances more than 80% of the value of a home. This is an option for those buyers.
  • VA: These loans are designed for those who have or are currently serving in the armed forces.
  • Jumbo Loans: These loans are available only to buyers who are spending at least $417,000 and want to find a home loan that doesn’t have such a high interest rate.

Rates at Starkey are competitive, and they take into consideration several factors. Your credit, income, your debt-to-income ratio, and many other factors are all used to consider your chances of obtaining a loan with a low rate.

When it’s time to apply for a mortgage, don’t assume your current bank is your only option. There are companies out there that do nothing but offer mortgages to those who want to buy a home. Give yourself enough time to search for the best rates, the best deals, and the best mortgages. You might find something more affordable that allows you to spend more on your new home and less on fees and other costs.