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Standard Mortgage Corporation is a mortgage lender. It has some offices in Louisiana with the major one situates in New Orleans. The company is connected to Standard Mortgage Insurance Agency. It is BBB accredited and has offered mortgage solutions to numerous people who have reported satisfaction. The company has been in the mortgage and real estate industry for more than 20 years. It is licensed in cities such as Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, Arkansas, Kansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas. The Housing and Urban Development data states that Standard Mortgage had mortgage loans valued at 879 million dollars in 2009.

standard mortgage reviewThose who have sought services from the company usually give reviews regarding the kind of service they got from the mortgage firm. The company allows both negative and positive reviews from their clients so as to enable them to make changes where customers feel there should be an improvement. Some users have reported that this is the best mortgage firm that they have worked with and recommended others to join them. A user stated that the company should change the grayish background of their website since those who are a bit aged finds it hard to read. The company offers new clients a choice to either make an application online or at the enterprise offices.

Some customers who have dealt with Standard Mortgage Corporation reported that this was the most professional loan brokerage firm they have ever come across. They said that their experience with the company was excellent and they felt at home. They stated that the staff at the company were extremely knowledgeable and kind. They were quick to walk them through any issues that they did not understand. Other users said that Standard Mortgage was the place where they felt they got the services they deserved after working with other mortgage firms and getting disappointed. Customers term the company as trustworthy and reliable. They have no hidden charges when it came to the interest of paying mortgage loans.

the mortgageOne thing that appeals most to customers is the kind of customer service they get from a company. Standard Mortgage handles its clients well by carefully listening to their needs and acting on them accordingly. Their call center is always open with staff ready to answer any questions from customers. Standard Mortgage has all resources available that make sure your refinance or purchase feels like a breeze. The company embraces your loan like it is their own and works hard to ensure that your stay at your new home is smooth. Standard Mortgage ensures that they walk you through all the steps required in securing a loan. They carefully explain the rate of payment and the period in which to repay the loan if you are a first-time home buyer.

Customers who have refinanced their loans states that the process was very easy when working with Standard Mortgage Corporation. The company is said to be very corporative, unlike other mortgage firms who fail to corporate and make the refinancing process complicated. Standard Mortgage is the company to go to for those seeking a mortgage services provider. This is based on the kind of reviews received from customers. You will be assured of a smooth sail as you work on paying the mortgage loan of your house. Standard Mortgage has dedicated professionals who are skilled and experienced in the mortgage and real estate industry. It has acquired a reputation as a very reputable mortgage company.

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