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SPS Mortgage, also known as Select Portfolio Servicing, is an established and recognized leader in the residential loan servicing industry. SPS Mortgage offers its services across the country, and it has a physical headquarters in Salt Lake City as well as a secondary office in Jacksonville. While its main objective in its daily operations is to service closed residential loans, it also offers modification services and other related services to help struggling homeowners to remain in their homes or to find an alternative option that is suitable for their situation. If your loan has recently been transferred to Select Portfolio Servicing, you may be wondering what it is like to do business with them on a regular basis.

Making Payments to SPS Mortgage

SPS Mortgage ReviewMost of SPS Mortgage’s clients will have direct contact with this company on a monthly basis, and this is because they will need to make regular payments on their home mortgage account. There are several ways to make a mortgage payment to SPS Mortgage. You can mail your payment directly to the company, or you can set up an automated payment option online or by calling the company directly. If you overlooked a payment and need to make a mortgage payment without delay, you can also log into your account online or call the company directly to make a payment by phone. All of the company’s contact information and mailing address for payments is found on the website.

Other Online and Phone Services Available

While the majority of the time you will only need to contact SPS Mortgage to make mortgage payments, there are other instances when special needs arise. For example, you may have been notified that your escrow payment is increasing, and you may have a question about that. Perhaps you need to research how much money was paid to your homeowners insurance company through your escrow account, or you may need to download tax forms. These are only a few of the special situations that may require you to contact SPS Mortgage. Many of the questions you have may be answered by logging into your account online, or you can contact the servicing department by phone for live support.

When You Struggle Financially

mortgageMany homeowners will unfortunately fall into hard times at some point in their lives. Everything from a serious illness to the loss of a job can impact your ability to make timely mortgage payments to SPS Mortgage. Some homeowners may want to restructure loan payments to stay in their home, and others may have decided that it is best to sell the home and to move into a more affordable place. Through the website, you can research retention and non-retention options for current homeowners. There is also information about the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and other governmental resources available for homeowners. You can also contact the company directly for more personalized assistance with your current needs.

Select Portfolio Servicing wants to help each valued customer with all of their mortgage needs. Whether you are new to working with the company or you have been a customer for years, you can enjoy access to account features and information online and via the phone. With flexible business hours designed to serve customers’ needs, you can easily reach out to the company today for more information about your account.