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When you buy a home, you form lasting relationships with people. One of the most important relationships you build is with your realtor. This is the person who works to find you the house of your dreams. You provide what you’re looking for, your budget, and your personal preferences to this person, and they go out of their way to find precisely what you want no matter your budget and your preference. The other relationship you form is with your mortgage company and the officer who works with you throughout the course of the buying process.

Shellpoint Mortgage ReviewWhat many buyers fail to realize is the importance of your loan officer relationship in regards to your relationship with your realtor. Your realtor wants you to form a relationship with a loan officer first so you bring to them a letter of pre-approval with a firm budget. This eliminates your realtor wasting time finding houses for you in a price range you cannot afford when you simply guess your budget.

When you work with Shellpoint, you’re able to form a close relationship with the lender that enables you to enjoy the overall homebuying process from start to finish. Your personal loan officer is available to help you with the homebuying process from the start, by taking your personal information and finding just the right pre-approval for you.

Loan Options with Shellpoint

Once you’re pre-approved for a loan and have an idea of what you can afford, your loan officer works to make your money work hard for you. Their goal is to make your money work for you by finding the right loan. Loan officers work with buyers of many financial backgrounds. If you have a big budget and a big down payment, they’ll find the lowest rate and the best conventional mortgage. If you work for the military now or you did in the past, the loan officer you work with will find the right VA loan for you.

mortgage reviewsIf you’re a buyer without a down payment, you aren’t going to find yourself turned down for yet another mortgage with Shellpoint. They work with buyers who have no down payment, or a very low down payment, every day. This is through the help of loan programs backed by the government. You might qualify for an FHA or a USDA loan that allows you to buy a home despite your lack of financial assistance. You can qualify for low or no-down payment programs, and even families with low income parameters are able to find the kind of financing they need to help with their home buying process.

Shellpoint offers many mortgages to many people, and they also offer very low rates. The lowest rates are reserved for those who have the biggest down payments and the highest credit scores. They’re for those who have shown they are financially responsible in the past, and they’re locked in for 60 days once you’re approved. Other buyers can get low rates, but they aren’t always the lowest rates. They are always competitive with other lenders, and Shellpoint likes to offer rates that are equal to or less than the rates other mortgage lenders offer buyers.

Don’t check with one bank and choose a mortgage. Shop around for the best rates. Shellpoint might not be a bank on the corner of every street in every city, but they’re a reputable lender with the desire to help others find the loans they need to purchase the house they want when it’s time to start shopping for a new home.