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While there are many financial services companies in the United States, Seterus Mortgage is in a league of its own. This is a specialty loan servicing company that strives to provide each valued customer with a truly wonderful experience. The company services most types of residential loans and has a renowned reputation and presence across the country. Seterus Mortgage is well-known for using innovative technology to streamline its servicing activities and to better assist its homeowner clients. If you are a new customer whose mortgage has recently been transferred to Seterus Mortgage, you may be wondering what to expect.

When You Make a Mortgage Payment

Seterus Mortgage ReviewOne of the innovative ways that Seterus Mortgage serves its customers’ needs is through payment processing. Those who want to quickly and easily apply a payment to their account can do so through online payment processing or by making a payment over the phone. An additional fee may be charged for the use of these expedited services. If you want to take the hassle out of making your monthly mortgage payments, you can streamline the process by automating your payments. Setting up auto drafts is easy to do through the website. There are also payment methods to mail a payment or to transfer the funds. With so many options available, most will find that it is easy to make scheduled payments on time as agreed.

When You Have Other Account Management Needs

The majority of your service needs for Seterus Mortgage may be related to payment processing, but there are often times when additional services and support are needed. Through the website, you can access payoffs, and you can also download a wide range of documents. This includes billing statements, tax forms, authorization forms and more. For additional assistance, you can also contact the company by phone via the toll-free number. Business hours are available Monday through Friday.

If You Fall Onto Hard Times

mortgage reviewsThe unfortunate reality is that many homeowners will fall onto hard times at some point over the course of time, and if you are unable to make your payments to Seterus Mortgage, you may be wondering what options are available. Seterus Mortgage offers financial assistance and resources for account holders in need, and this includes those who have short-term financial challenges as well as long-term challenges. Loan modification is just one of many options available, and you can explore your options in detail when you contact Seterus Mortgage directly. The company wants to help homeowners remain in their homes if this is the best financial option available, but it also provides options for helping you to sell your home if necessary.

Seterus Mortgage is committed to the goal of helping its valued accountholders better manage their mortgage accounts. Through its friendly customer service and its innovative use of technology, it makes it easier for homeowners to manage their accounts and to download information as needed. If you are new to Seterus Mortgage, now is a wonderful time to explore the website in detail to learn more about the services available to you.