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When Service First Mortgage was originally founded in 1997, the goal of the company was to provide a straightforward, uncomplicated loan process to its clients. The founder saw through first-hand experience with previous companies he worked with how complicated residential lending was for loan applicants, and the goal was to improve the process from start to finish while also provide competitive financing terms to clients. Today, the company has grown to reach the status of being a full-service mortgage company with licenses to do business in Texas, Florida and Arizona. By learning more about what this esteemed mortgage company offers, you may decide to submit your loan application with them today.

The Loan Options Available Through Service First Mortgage

Service First Mortgage ReviewBecause Service First Mortgage strives to meet the needs of each of its clients, it has worked hard to set up financing options that are flexible and affordable for you. This includes 15 and 30-year fixed conventional loans, government loans and jumbo loans. Regardless of factors like your credit scores, your down payment amount or your loan amount, you may be able to find a financing solution through Service First Mortgage. These are competitive loan programs that are ideal for new home buyers as well as existing homeowners who want to refinance their mortgage. After you have completed the prequalification process with Service First Mortgage, a representative can contact you to personally discuss your loan options in detail.

Before You Apply for Your Home Loan

While it is quick and easy to complete the loan application with Service First Mortgage over the website, there are a few steps you may want to take before you do so. For example, the website offers a mortgage calculator that you can use to better estimate how affordable a specific loan amount is. Keep in mind that just because you may qualify for a higher loan amount does not mean that this is an affordable loan amount for you. There is also another section that features numerous blog posts, and these can be used to educate you about a wide range of topics. The website has a wealth of information for buyers and refinancers alike.

mortgageWhat to Expect From Service First Mortgage

As the name suggests, Service First Mortgage puts customer service first. More than that, you can expect to enjoy a convenient, easy loan process. A typical residential loan process may take several weeks to complete, but you may enjoy the fact that this process is streamlined through your selection of the right mortgage company. From online statuses to friendly phone calls from your service rep and more, you may find the entire process to be easy and even enjoyable.

Service First Mortgage was founded with the goal in mind of changing customers’ minds about what the loan process can be like, and after you have walked through the loan process with them, you will see that they are successful in achieving this goal. Now is a great time to contact the company directly or to fill out the online application to get the ball rolling on your loan request.