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Headquartered in the Buffalo area, Seneca Mortgage is a reputable loan servicing company that is known throughout the state of New York and beyond. In fact, the firm is licensed nationally to service a wide range of loan products, and it utilizes advanced technology to better serve the needs of its many customers. While Seneca Mortgage is not a direct lender, its many customers are able to uphold their financial obligation on their mortgage note by making payments to this company on a regular basis.

Making Your Payment to Seneca Mortgage

Seneca Mortgage ReviewThe primary interaction that the customers of Seneca Mortgage have with this loan servicing company is through regular monthly payments. Seneca Mortgage makes it convenient for customers to make their payments by providing several options. Many customers prefer to use the routine method of mailing a physical check to the company each month, and the mailing address for these payments is found online. While others prefer to set up an automated payment through their bank’s bill payment system, automated payments can also be scheduled directly through Seneca Mortgage. Some who have overlooked their mortgage payment may be in a hurry to complete the payment process without delay, and if this is the case with you, you will be pleased to discover that payments can also be made over the phone.

When Additional Services Are Needed

Almost every mortgage customer will need additional services from their loan servicing company from time to time, and Seneca Mortgage strives to make it easy to access your account information online. Through the Internet, you can do everything from request a mortgage verification or a loan payoff amount to download IRS tax statements and more. Keep in mind that friendly customer service is also available through Seneca Mortgage’s phone support center. The customer service center has extended business hours Monday through Friday. You can also find email contact information for various departments through the website.

Online Resources Available Through Seneca Mortgage

mortgageYour home loan is one of your most significant debts, and your ability to make payments on time as well as to manage the debt responsibly can impact everything from your financial status and personal wealth to your credit rating and more. Seneca Mortgage understands how important it is for you to make your payments on time and to monitor and control your account. Because of this, it has created many online features that can benefit you. For example, the website features a fee schedule, an escrow account analysis tool and many other features that may assist you in mortgage management.

Seneca Mortgage is just one of many loan servicing companies in the United States, but those who have been assigned to this company may be grateful that their servicer has an innovative, forward-thinking mentality. Through Seneca Mortgage, you can easily reduce your outstanding mortgage balance and take active steps to monitor your account as needed. Take time to explore the Seneca Mortgage website today as a first step in putting this company’s services to full use.