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Roundpoint Mortgage is a popular loan servicing company that is committed to providing its customers with great service throughout the life of their mortgage. Because this is a servicing company, most of its customers do not actively choose to work with this company. Instead, they may be assigned to this company after their mortgage is sold. However, while many do not choose to work with Roundpoint Mortgage, most of its many customers are completely satisfied with their experience with the company. It has a strong devotion to providing customers with superior service and to making account information easy to access over the Internet as well as through the customer service deparment’s phone center.

As a New Customer

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If you are a new customer with Roundpoint Mortgage, you may not know what to expect from working with this loan servicer. The company sends each new customer a welcome packet in the mail to ensure a smooth and easy transition. There is also a FAQ page on the website specifically dedicated to questions that new customers may have about their transition. In addition to providing you with a mailed welcome packet, the company also contacts each new customer directly by phone. Through the phone call, automated payments can be set up, and any questions you have as a new customer can be answered by a live professional. You may also call the customer service phone number for additional assistance by Roundpoint Mortgage’s friendly staff.

Making Payments

Roundpoint Mortgage goes to great lengths to make it convenient for its customers to make their regular mortgage payments. Automated payments are one of the most popular solutions available and you can easily set up automated payments through the website. Other payment options include mailing a payment, calling the company’s customer service department to make a payment by phone or sending a money gram. Information and contact details for each of these payment options is available on the company’s website, and you can also call the company directly for additional assistance with your payments.

Other Services Available From Roundpoint Mortgage

mortgageRoundpoint Mortgage understands that many of its customers will review the website for information before calling the customer service number. Because of this, it has taken great steps to improve its website so that it is a true tool for customers to use. For example, there is a financing glossary available online for you to learn from. There are also more than a dozen different forms available for you to download as needed. In addition, there are pages for military assistance and mortgage assistance. There is even information about savings available to you through different retailers.

While you typically cannot choose the company that services your mortgage, few will complain about the fact that their mortgage is serviced by Roundpoint Mortgage. This company strives to make all aspects of the loan servicing process easy for its customers to access. As a first step to learn more about this company, explore the website in detail to learn more about the services available to you through Roundpoint Mortgage.