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The Guild Mortgage is based in San Diego, United States. It offers mortgage solutions to homeowners and first-time owners. They offer advice through their skilled experts on how to secure a mortgage loan and the manner in which to repay it. The company is known to be reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable. Guild Mortgage has many years of operation in the mortgage industry. It has acquired a reputation as a very trustworthy mortgage company. Those who sought services with the company reported that their experience there was fantastic and that they would come back again.

guild mortgage company review 1A customer who had dealt with the company said that she was happy with Matt Cua and his team since they ensured that her loan needs were properly handled. The staff at Guild Mortgage is very skilled and experienced with knowledge on how to address all customers. The loan officers at the company have extensive knowledge on all matters concerning loans and always walk customers through all the stages carefully. A customer said she was happy that a staff named Crystal Tatum had taken care of her loan requirements. He terms her as very kind and skilled.

A satisfied customer said that she had gone through hell with other mortgage companies until she finally stumbled upon Guild Mortgage. The customer said that her experience was excellent and she was happy to have known the company since she refinanced with the enterprise. Another customer stated that it was a great pleasure to be served by Patty Grissom. Patty is an employee at the enterprise. She termed her as trustworthy and honest and said that she would refer her to other customers. Guild Mortgage Company is keen on customer service since that is a very key component in customer satisfaction. The company trains its staff on how to deal with clients and make them feel at home.

Many clients of Guild wished they had gone to the company first since they had gone through hell at other mortgage houses. They say that Guild saved them and made their loan repayments very smooth and stress-free. The company can tackle each unique situation of their clients ranging from newbies to those owning multiple businesses with crazy tax returns. The company’s staff is quick to serve customers and ask the right questions.

guild mortgage company review 2A happy customer stated that Michelle acted in a very professional manner while serving her. Michelle is a staff member at Guild. She says that Michelle processed her loan very smoothly and it closed very fast. The customer stated that she would not wish to be served by anyone else apart from Michelle. She advises other people to try Guild, and they would never look back. Another customer stated that the Guild team in Truckee had done an excellent job for him. They refinanced his loan very fast and with no obstructions.

The call center at Guild is always open to receive any queries from customers. The representatives there are very kind. Guild call center has a very efficient customer care unlike in other places where you are put on hold. A couple who sought services from Guild Mortgage in Bakersfield California stated that they received fantastic services. They said that LaNiece Kersten was an excellent employee who was very patient with them. They termed her as friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable.

Guild Mortgage is a highly recommended mortgage company depending on the kind of reviews that customers have given. They have done an incredible job to make sure they satisfy the needs of their clients. Guild understands that processing mortgage loans can be very tricky and makes it smooth for its customers.

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