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If there’s one thing that Pulte Mortgage offers that few other mortgage lenders seem to have available, it’s personalized service. The Pulte Mortgage process is outlined in spectacular detail for anyone looking to apply for a mortgage with the bank, which makes it simple to understand precisely what you need to do get the mortgage you desire. Before you decide on a mortgage with any lender, you should know what is most important about finding a mortgage. Affordability is imperative.

You are in charge of your mortgage. You are in charge of working to find the best rate and the best terms, which is what enables you to afford the home of your dreams. By shopping around for a better rate, you’re going to get the most for your money when you buy the home of your dreams or the home in which you want to live while you plan the home of your dreams. Pulte Mortgage offers several options, and understanding what they offer is helpful when shopping for mortgage rates.

The Process

Pulte Mortgage Review 4At Pulte Mortgage, every person in need of a loan for a new home is treated like an individual rather than a faceless customer. You’ll begin the loan process online, and you will receive a call from a mortgage specialist in one business day or less to schedule an appointment to discuss your options. Your lender has your personal information on hand, and they already know how to help you find the best rates, the best mortgage, and the best deal available. This is your lender for the remainder of your business relationship with Pulte. This person gets to know you, is there for you, and can do anything for you.

Your lender works to ensure you get the best of everything offered, and they help you decide what works best for you and your finances. Once you choose the loan you want, your lender begins working on your loan. As soon as it’s approved, he or she calls you with the good news. They’ll discuss everything you need to discuss, from the rate to the payment to the other terms of your loan. You’ll have all the information upfront so there is no confusion or misinformation.

The Fine Print

What you must know about the Pulte Mortgage company is they don’t finance homes for just anyone. They will only work with those who are building a new construction home through the Pulte Team. This means you must choose to build a home with one of the following:

  • mortgage 15Centex
  • Del Webb
  • John Wieland Homes
  • Pulte Homes

You cannot choose a home already built or a home built by someone else in another neighborhood. These are very specific terms, and everyone working with Pulte Mortgage must understand what requirements are in place for a loan of this nature. It’s what helps the process become so personal so quickly from the start of the loan process.

Everything is handled in-house with a mortgage through Pulte, which means you don’t wait on others to finish their jobs, handle their own situations, and work around you. You are kept in the loop from the start, and the entire process is so streamlined and perfected there is no need to worry that anything will go wrong.

If you’re working with Pulte to build a home, you might consider their mortgage company for your financing needs. It’s easy to work within the Pulte family, and many people with mortgages from this company are happy with the personalized service you get with this company.