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PHH Mortgage is one of the top lenders and loan servicers in the country, providing an extensive selection of loan products as well as loan servicing to its valued customers and clients. According to Inside Mortgage Finance, PHH Mortgage ranks fifth in the country as the largest retail residential lender and ninth in the country for loan servicing volume. The company has a headquarters in New Jersey, and it provides its many lending services to customers across the United States. The company is comprised of a team of skilled, well-trained employees as well as affiliated mortgage brokers who represent the company by offering its loan products to the general public. Whether you need to apply for a new home loan or you are a broker looking for a new lender to work with, PHH Mortgage is a great solution to consider.

Competitive PHH Mortgage Loan Programs

PHH Mortgage ReviewPHH Mortgage offers its exclusive Preferred Mortgage Program to mortgage brokers throughout the country, and this program is structured to provide competitive pricing that helps you to sell more loans to your customers. Many mortgage brokers have found themselves in a losing situation when competing against PHH Mortgage for business, and you can turn the competition into a business partner by applying to do business with this lender. Only qualified mortgage brokers are accepted into this program, and you can learn more about the requirements to gain approval status by contacting PHH Mortgage directly.

Exceptional Loan Servicing

Through a separate website, PHH Mortgage enables its customers to make mortgage payments and to check on their account status online. This online portal enables customers to make payments from their laptop, smartphone or other mobile device with an Internet connection. Relevant information such as your current outstanding balance, last payment made and other details can be researched through this portal as well. If you need access to previous tax documents or if you require other specialized service from PHH Mortgage, you can easily use the toll-free number to contact the customer service department for a friendly response to your inquiry.

What to Expect From PHH Mortgage

mortgagePHH Mortgage is among the largest and most well-known lenders and loan services in the country, and it did not gain this status without taking exceptional steps to provide quality service to its customers and mortgage broker clients. When you work with PHH Mortgage, you can expect each professional you come into contact with to go above and beyond the call of duty to meet your needs. In the event matters escalate, you may be pleased to learn that your issue receives the prompt attention the matter deserves.

While PHH Mortgage may be a top contender in your list of lending options, it may not be the only company you are considering doing business with. Before you make your final decision, it is wise to reach out to PHH Mortgage personally. Through this interaction, you can see for yourself the difference that a high level of customer service can make to you.