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Ocwen Mortgage is one of the largest and most diverse residential lending companies in the country. While it was only founded in 1988, it has quickly grown over the years to become a force to be reckoned with in the residential lending industry. The company offers traditional and reverse mortgage to consumers across the country through direct lending and correspondent lending programs, and it has more than 9,000 valued employees nationwide. It even has commercial and automotive financing solutions available to more completely meet its clients’ financing needs. By spending time learning more about how Ocwen Mortgage can help you with your current financial needs, you may decide to complete an online loan application today.

A Robust Selection of Loan Programs

Ocwen MortgageOcwen Mortgage currently services more than 1.3 million loans, and this number is growing annually. While it does buy other loans to service, many of its existing loans are originated directly by its own team. It believes that there is an affordable home lending option available for most needs, and it strives to meet those needs by offering an array of financing solutions. These are both reverse and traditional mortgage products that have low fees, competitive interest rates and great loan-to-value ratios. Whether you are trying to maximize loan dollars on a refinance loan, keep your down payment as low as possible with a purchase loan or achieve other goals, rest assured that you will find the right solution for your needs through Ocwen Mortgage.

The Loan Application Process

There are two ways to obtain an affordable Ocwen home loan. The first option is to apply directly with Ocwen Mortgage, and you can complete your application for a refinance, purchase or reverse mortgage online or over the phone by contacting the company directly. The other option is to apply for an Ocwen home loan through one of the company’s affiliated mortgage brokers. Regardless of how you apply for your loan, you will love the fact that Ocwen Mortgage offers competitive terms with a simplified loan process. Documents can be submitted digitally, and every effort is made to keep the loan request moving through the process quickly for an expedited closing. Furthermore, you will enjoy easy access to your account rep throughout the process, and every effort is made to keep clients updated about the status of their loan as it travels through the underwriting pipeline.

When Your Loan Is Serviced by Ocwen Mortgage

mortgageLoan servicing is another service Ocwen Mortgage offers its clients. If you make your mortgage payment to Ocwen Mortgage, you have several payment options to consider. This includes making payments by mail, setting up automated payments or paying via the website or phone. Through online and phone support, you can also request tax documents, check on your account status and complete other similar account-related activities. The company is committed to making account payments and management as simple as possible.

Working with an established mortgage company that has a great national reputation can set your mind at ease when you are applying for a new loan. Ocwen Mortgage is a top choice to consider when reputation, rates and customer service are all important to you. Take time to explore the website today to learn more about what Ocwen Mortgage offers.