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NYCB Mortgage is the lending department for New York Community Bank, a large and established financial institution that is based in the state of New York. The financial institution was originally founded under the name Atlantic Bank in the 1920s, and several of its 18 branch locations still operate under this name. NYCB also operates in Ohio, Florida and several other states. If you are in the market for great lending terms on a new home loan, NYCB Mortgage may be the lender to turn to.

Buying a New Home

NYCB Mortgage ReviewThe decision to move forward with plans to purchase a new home is monumental. You may be in the market for your first home, or you may want to upgrade to a larger space or downsize to save money. Regardless of your real estate needs, you can find the financing you need through NYCB Mortgage. You can begin by putting the online mortgage calculators to work for you to estimate your monthly loan payment and how affordable a new loan payment will be for your budget. Through NYCB Mortgage, you will have access to exceptional lending products, and this includes fixed rate conventional loans, adjustable rate conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans and more.

Refinancing Your Current Home Loan

Just as buying a new home is a major decision to make, the same holds true for refinancing. Your current loan payment may be unmanageable, and you may be looking for a lower payment or a more attractive loan term. Some homeowners want to refinance to gain access to home equity, and this equity can be used to renovate your home, pay down debts and accomplish other similar goals. Through NYCB Mortgage, you can use online calculators to estimate your savings and loan proceeds from refinancing. You can also learn more about the loan process and the loan programs available.

Applying for Your Home Loan

the mortgageWhether you are applying for a refinance or a purchase loan, completing the loan application is easy to do with NYCB Mortgage. The loan application is available for you to complete at any time of day through the website. Many will complete the easy form without assistance, but if you have questions or concerns while filling it out, simply contact NYCB Mortgage via the toll-free number during regular business hours.

Managing Your Mortgage Online

The website also is a great resource for existing mortgage customers with an established loan with NYCB Mortgage. You can make a payment to your account without delay by logging into your mortgage account online. In addition, you can seek personalized assistance about trouble making payments and other needs by calling the customer service number. The company strives to provide prompt, courteous service to all customers.

NYCB Mortgage is a popular East Coast financial institution that has provided many homeowners with affordable mortgage solutions over the decades, and the team wants to begin working for you. If you are thinking about applying for a new loan in the near future, begin exploring the NYCB Mortgage website today to learn more about your financing options.