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Nationwide is a company with a good reputation, but many people fail to realize the company has more to offer than just insurance. Insurance is merely one sector of the company’s financial reach, and many people are pleasantly surprised to learn that Nationwide also offers mortgages to homebuyers. From refinancing to buying a new home, you can find a mortgage that meets your needs with Nationwide when you take a few minutes to throw their name into the ring. Considering Nationwide for your next mortgage might mean finding a more affordable rate with much better terms.

Types of Mortgages Offered

Nationwide Mortgage Review 2Nationwide offers buyers three choices when it comes to financing a new or older home. Mortgage refinancing is one option. Current homeowners can refinance their existing mortgage for a longer term, a lower rate, or more money with Nationwide. The process is relatively simple, and it’s easy to work with a lender with so much experience in the mortgage game.

Jumbo mortgages are also offered by Nationwide to those who qualify. This is a mortgage specifically offered to buyers who want a home that costs more than $417,000 to purchase. This loan is larger than many others, and it requires a few special considerations, which Nationwide makes easy to deal with.

Adjustable rate mortgages are also available through Nationwide. This type of mortgage provides buyers with a very low rate for a specific amount of time. The rate then changes along with the market over the course of several years. If you don’t plan on living in your home for more than a few short years, this is the type of mortgage that might save you the most money while you do reside here.

What Makes Nationwide Special

mortgageWhat makes Nationwide a preferred lender for many buyers is the guarantee the bank offers. If a buyer is able to find a better rate, points, or lender fees with another bank, Nationwide will match those. If they cannot match those rates, points, or fees, the company will pay you $500 cash on the spot when you prove that you can get a better rate elsewhere. It’s Nationwide’s way of promising to do better than those they’re in business to compete with.

Nationwide also offers personal service to buyers in a tech-savvy world. Buyers have a chance to fill out all the information they need online, but they also have a lender to work closely with throughout the buying process. Applications are available online, the status of an application is always available online, and all documents are kept online so buyers can easily find them without issue.

Nationwide offers loans to many people with many financial situations. The rates you qualify for are the ones that go well with your credit score. It’s recommended you review your credit score now before you apply for a preapproval. If you find any inconsistencies, issues, or misinformation, call the bureau to file a complaint and ask that this issue is fixed. It takes approximately 30 days for the bureau to correct issues, and you certainly don’t want someone else’s mistake keeping you from the home of your dreams.

Nationwide offers mortgages for anyone who wants to find a mortgage. If you don’t have the bank on your radar yet, put them there and check their rates. The match guarantee means you’ll end up with the best rates and fees available when you apply for a mortgage, or you’ll end up with cash in hand if the bank cannot match the better rates offered by another lender in your area.