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If you are a mortgage broker in search of a quality lender to work with, Nations Direct Mortgage may be the ideal solution for you. As a mortgage broker, you may be well aware of how the quality of your relationship with your lender impacts the overall customer experience you can provide to your clients. In turn, this can affect your ability to generate repeat business, to gain new leads from referrals and to grow your business overall. While there are many lenders you can choose to do business with, Nations Direct Mortgage provides you with the hands-on service and great pricing structure you desire in a lender. More than that, we also develop an on-going relationship with your clients through exceptional loan servicing, and this can further help your business to grow over the years.

Financing Solutions Available Through Nations Direct Mortgage

Nations Direct Mortgage ReviewSome mortgage brokers take steps to secure as many lending options as possible for their clients, but Nations Direct Mortgage believes that it is better to develop quality relationships with only a few lenders. More than that, it strives to be one of the lenders you choose to work with. One of the ways it goes about accomplishing its goal is by offering brokers access to an exceptional range of loan products through one convenient source. Nations Direct Mortgage offers its clients conventional and jumbo loans with both fixed and adjustable rates with varying term lengths. In addition, it also provides you with access to VA, FHA and other products. The rates and point structure remains competitive, enabling you to better serve your customers and to win more business.

The Experience of Working With Nations Direct Mortgage

The overall loan process a lender provides you with can affect your customer service level as well as productivity and efficiency with your team. Nations Direct Mortgage takes every effort to streamline the loan process. Whether you are registering a new loan, submitting paperwork or trying to overcome underwriting objections, your loans will receive the attention they deserve. All inquiries and questions will be responded to in a timely manner, and the team is committed to remaining as available as possible for you to contact during regular business hours.

How to Get Started

mortgageBecause Nations Direct Mortgage only works with brokers, all individual loan applicants will need to find a broker in their area that offers these loans. If you are a mortgage broker, you will need to sign up and be approved to submit loans to Nations Direct Mortgage. As part of the application process, you will be required to demonstrate several years of experience in the field, and you will also need to prove that you have the infrastructure in place to process loan requests. You can review the website for more specific information as well as for access to the broker application form.

Nations Direct Mortgage has a high commitment to strong ethics, and it also upholds its dedication to providing a fast turnaround on loan requests without sacrificing customer service. Furthermore, it maintains its foundations in these principles while servicing closed loan requests. If you are interested in learning more about what it is like to do business with Nations Direct Mortgage, now is a wonderful time to contact the company directly.