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Many homeowners across the country make their regular housing payments to Mortgage Clearing Corp each year, and if you are new to this company, you may be curious what services they offer and what type of experience you can expect from this. Mortgage Clearing Corp was originally established in 1957, and it services both purchase and refinance loans for its valued customers. It offers service via a toll-free phone number as well as online, and many customers also make their payments via the mail.

The Online Experience

Mortgage Clearing Corp ReviewMortgage Clearing Corp offers a robust website that is filled with great features for accountholders to access. These features include the ability to log in to your own account, view your balance and make your payment over the Internet. You can also download and print a 1098 tax statement, print payment coupons and even verify that the last payment was received through the online portal. While the website has robust features that most accountholders may find useful, it has a straightforward design that makes it easy to navigate.

When You Call the Company Directly

While many accountholders will contact Mortgage Clearing Corp through the website, many others will contact the toll-free number periodically for live assistance. There are both automated features and live assistance features available. Automated features include checking your account balance and confirming that the last payment was received. If you require any additional assistance with your account, such as if you want to confirm your escrow balance and if you have a question about your account, you can speak with a friendly, helpful professional during the company’s normal business hours.

Offering Refinance and Purchase Mortgages

mortgageMortgage Clearing Corp is more than a servicer of loans. The company also originates new loans for customers in the state of Oklahoma. These are both refinance and purchase loans, and a wide range of loan programs are available. If you reside in Oklahoma and want to continue to do business with the same servicing company that you may have been making payments to for years on your current home, applying for a new mortgage with Mortgage Clearing Corp may be a great option to consider.

Homeowners typically are not able to choose which company services their mortgage, but you may be pleased with your luck when you discover that Mortgage Clearing Corp was chosen to service your account. This established company makes it easy to keep track of your payments, and they are available to assist you with other needs personally over the phone as well.