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The Mortgage Bankers Association, or MBA, is one of the largest and most reputable organizations serving the real estate lending industry. It caters to residential, commercial and multifamily lenders, bankers and brokers across the country, and it strives to create a unified platform where all players can learn more about local industry news, network with each other and more. This is a membership-based community that also advocates in the political arena for the benefit of its members. Whether you are a mortgage banker interested in joining the organization or you are a consumer looking for a reputable mortgage banker to work with, you can put the benefits of this organization to work for you today.

How Mortgage Brokers Can Benefit From MBA Membership

mortgage 01As a mortgage banker, you may understand through first-hand experience how important it is to project a professional, established reputation to future clients. Your membership in the Mortgage Bankers Association can help you to accomplish this goal. To become a regular member or an associate member, you will need to complete a detailed application and pay your dues. Dues must be paid annually in order to remain in good standing with this organization. With your membership, you can benefit from the MBA’s political action committee advocating for you, sign up to receive regular news from the organization, attend planned events for education and networking and much more. Keep in mind that being a member of this popular industry organization may also help you to generate more business for your firm.

How Home Loan Applicants Can Use MBA

If you are interested in finding a professional mortgage banker with a great reputation to work with for your lending needs, turning to the MBA is a great idea. Through the MBA, you can find a list of the individual state-level associations for all 50 states. Many of the state-level organizations provide you with either a membership list or a search query form to locate a member. You can also inquire directly with firms you are thinking about working with to determine if they are an active MBA member.

How to Stay Educated About Industry News Through MBA

Mortgage Bankers Association Review 1The Mortgage Bankers Association is an active organization that has a robust infrastructure in place. The organization regularly publishes new posts in its blog, and you can subscribe to this blog through the website. There are also news stories about current events related to the residential and commercial arenas, economic news impacting the industry and more. The national organization as well as state organizations regularly host special networking and educational events and conferences, and you can explore these through the website to determine which events you want to attend this year.

The Mortgage Bankers Association is a wonderful organization to join if you work in the real estate lending industry. Its primary objective is to bring together all industry professionals to create a unified platform for the exchange of knowledge, the sharing of news and networking. If you are not currently a member and you work in this industry, now is a great time to complete the online application for membership.