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Whether you are applying for your first home loan ever or you are preparing to refinance an existing loan, you understandably want to make a wise financial decision about your loan request. For most homeowners, a mortgage payment is the single largest expense they are responsible for each month. More than that, your mortgage payment includes both principal and interest portions, and this means your mortgage will impact how quickly your reduce your debt, how fast equity accumulates and even how significant your tax benefits are from home ownership. Karls Mortgage is a specialized online calculator that has been masterfully created ot help homeowners like you improve your decision making process. By learning more about how and when to use it, you can take full advantage of this great online resource.

Adding Inputs to the Calculator

Karl's Mortgage Calculator Review 3The first step to take when using Karls Mortgage calculator is to complete the input fields. This is one of the more advanced mortgage calculators you will find online, and this means it takes into account more information to provide you with more comprehensive results. While it is more advanced, it has a great format that makes it easy to use as well as simple to understand. Information asked for includes everything from the loan amount and terms to the down payment, property value, HOA expenses, PMI, taxes, insurance and more. In some cases, you may need to estimate these figures. However, using accurate figures will yield the best results.

What You Can Learn By Using the Calculator

Karls Mortgage calculator is one of the most popular financial tools available online, and this is because it can generate a wide range of information in an attractive, easy-to-read graphical format. For example, you can generate an amortization graph, an interest graph and a balance graph. There are also tables for monthly and annual amounts as well as a payment table and a summary page. When you need to quickly and easily analyze your mortgage terms, this is a great resource to use.

How to Use the Calculator

There are different applications for this calculator, making it ideal for both home buyers and refinancers to use. Some who are applying for a new home mortgage can complete the input fields to better analyze loan terms they are being offered. You can compare loan terms of two or more loan offers, and you can complete strategic financial planning for the future. If you are thinking about refinancing a loan and you are wondering what your smartest financial decision is, you can compare outputs for your current loan against outputs for new loan terms that you have been quoted.

Karl's Mortgage Calculator Review 2

Karls Mortgage calculator is one of the top financial tools available in the industry, and the good news is that it is available for you to use free of charge. This is a great resource to use now and in the future, so you may consider bookmarking it for future use as needed. Regardless of where you are with your financial decision-making process, put this calculator to use today to make a more educated decision.