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A home loan makes it easy and convenient for average consumers to make the large purchase of a new home, and existing homeowners often refinance to a new home loan to recoup equity for renovations, debt consolidation and more. If you live in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas or Michigan and are shopping for a new mortgage, Guardian Mortgage may offer the best selection of loan products for your needs. The company is also licensed to do business in a host of other states across the country. This firm was originally founded more than 50 years ago, and its team members have worked diligently over the years to establish a reputation for providing great loan terms and exceptional customer service to valued customers across the country. While the company retains its historic devotion to excellence, it also utilizes cutting edge technology to provide modern customers with a fabulous lending experience.

Making Dreams Come True With Many Loan Programs to Choose From

Guardian Mortgage logoThere is not a catch-all loan program that is a good fit for every mortgage applicant, and you will be pleased to learn that Guardian Mortgage offers varied programs to meet most consumers’ needs. There are FHA, VA and USDA loan programs as well as both fixed and adjustable rate program. There is even a refinance program specifically available to Texas residents that can help you to achieve your goals for refinancing with great terms and a high LTV. Finding the right loan program to apply for is the first step in the loan process, and you will love the fact that Guardian Mortgage has so many options to choose from.

Utilizing Modern Technology to Serve Customers

Many financial institutions today strive to provide customers with competitive loan terms, but Guardian Mortgage goes a step above and beyond this by using modern technology to make the loan process simple and easy. You can begin by using your smartphone or tablet to locate a friendly loan rep who serves your area. Through the website, you can apply for your loan online, and you can also use a wide range of mortgage calculators, visit Loan University online to gather more information about the lending process and more. Guardian Mortgage is truly at the cusp of cutting edge technology with how it educates consumers and how it processes loan requests.

Educating Consumers Throughout the Loan Process

mortgageGuardian Mortgage understands through its many years of experience that the loan process can seem overwhelming and complicated to both new and experienced applicants. It strives to take the confusion out of the process by employing a few key steps. First, the company’s representatives make themselves easily available to you throughout the loan process so that you can always speak to a live professional to get questions answered and concerns addressed. In addition, you can also explore the calculators, blog posts, articles and other educational resources available online at your convenience to address any other concerns you have at your leisure.

Applying for a new mortgage is not as overwhelming as it might sound initially when you make a wise, informed decision about which firm to use for help with your lending needs. Guardian Mortgage has the solid reputation that you are looking for in a lender, and it also has the competitive loan programs and friendly customer service you desire. Take time to learn more about Guardian Mortgage today, and then apply for your mortgage online.