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When Greentree Mortgage was originally established in 1992, it was a privately held lending organization that was committed to treating each customer with respect while helping them to achieve their home ownership goals through affordable financing. Today, the company has grown considerably, but it retains its strong devotion to serving customers well, and it has an expanded line of lending solutions to better meet its goals. Its well-chosen and highly trained lending team is committed to taking the hassle and stress out of the home loan process while focusing on providing friendly customer service. If you are looking for great loan programs and a less hectic loan process, this may be the right company for you to apply with today.

Loan Programs Available Through Greentree Mortgage

Greentree Mortgage ReviewOne of the many areas that Greentree Mortgage excels in is through helping customers select the right loan program for their needs. You can expect a representative from Greentree Mortgage to provide you with a customized quote showing all applicable loan products to you, and you can count on that representative to explain the key differences of various programs to you. Some of the many affordable loan options available to you through Greentree Mortgage include balloon loans, cashback loans, adjustable rate home loans, fixed rate loans. These vary by the down payment requirement, credit score requirement, maximum loan amount, closing costs, interest rate and more, and you can rest assured that you will receive expert guidance with the selection of the loan program that is right for you.

Educating You Throughout the Process

Your experience with Greentree Mortgage will be unlike any other financial experience you have had, and one of the ways the team goes about improving the loan process is through education. Loan reps work hard to educate clients on everything from property tax payments and IRS tax deductions to credit scores, debt management, monthly payment structures and more. Rest assured that you will know everything you need to about home loans when you apply with Greentree Mortgage.

Beginning the Loan Process

mortgage reviewsWith all that Greentree Mortgage offers its clients, you understandably want to take the next step to apply for your next loan with this company. Whether you want to apply for an FHA loan, a VA loan or another type of residential loan, you can easily complete the loan application online to get started. The loan application is fairly detailed, and it asks you for information on your current residence, your income, your employment history, your assets, declarations and more. It may take you several minutes or longer to complete the form, but this information will feed into other documents you will need to sign throughout the loan process. It also enables your representative to provide you with firmer loan options during the prequalification process.

Greentree Mortgage wants to help each of its clients achieve their home ownership dreams. Whether your dream is to buy your first home, to move into a larger home, to refinance your existing mortgage or to accomplish other similar goals, there is a loan product that is right for you through Greentree Mortgage. Take time to contact the company directly for further assistance on your loan request today.