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If you’re looking for a simple company to get a mortgage loan from, then consider Freedom Mortgage. The company is one that has a simple process when it comes to applying for the loan and getting the loan accepted. Agents offer the lowest interest rates possible and the best payment plans so that you can easily pay back the loan in an amount of time that is suitable for your budget in most cases.

Freedom Mortgage Review 1When a new mortgage loan is approved, the agent will send an email to the customer to find out about the service that was offered and to get feedback that can be used for future applications. Agents want customers to let the company know exactly what they think in an honest review instead of one that is structured by Freedom Mortgage. The agents don’t change the words of the reviews that are given, displaying every comment whether it’s positive or negative, so that others can see how the company works in every way. Customers enjoy that agents will answer phone calls and emails as quickly as possible so that they can get the information that they need during the application process. Agents will give information about the loan process as it becomes available, negotiating some of the aspects if they can, such as interest rates and monthly payment amounts.

mortgageMany customers enjoy that the loan process from start to finish is as simple as possible. Most of the documents that are involved with the loan process can be faxed to an office or submitted online. Some offices allow customers to complete an application online so that they don’t have to visit the office to do a paper application. However, it’s important to contact the office to ensure that an agent receives the paperwork after the email or fax has been sent.

Agents of Freedom Mortgage are highly skilled and pleasant to work with. Everyone works their hardest to get rates as low as possible so that customers can get a mortgage for a new home or to get a lower monthly payment for an existing home. Emails are often acknowledged in a few minutes along with any phone messages that are left. At times, it is hard to hear some of the messages that are left by agents as the office can sometimes be busy, making it difficult to hear everything that is said, but the response time is incredible.