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If you are looking for a quality lender to do business with, Franklin American Mortgage may be a top contender to consider. Franklin American Mortgage was founded in Franklin, Tennessee in 1994, and it is now well-known throughout the United States. While the company has grown significantly since it first opened and is now a recognized lender in the national arena, it has retained its solid focus on providing friendly, helpful customer service and flexible loan terms to its clients. It offers both a wholesale lending program for its mortgage broker clients and a loan servicing department for individual homeowners.

Wholesale Lending

Franklin American Mortgage ReviewWhen you choose a mortgage lender to do business with, you understandably want to find a lender that offers a full range of lending options that will meet the majority of your customers’ varied needs. In addition, you may be looking for a competitive price structure that enables you to compete head-to-head against other offers your customers may receive and that also allows you to pocket a nice profit from your efforts. The wholesale lending department at Franklin American Mortgage provides you with this experience and much more. For example, you will also benefit from financing flexibility, the use of innovative technology in the loan process and more. To submit loans to Franklin American Mortgage, you must be an approved broker. You can begin the application process by contacting the company directly to learn about broker requirements.

Loan Servicing

Franklin American Mortgage retains the servicing rights for many of the residential loans that it closes. It is an authorized provider and servicer for programs that include FHA, VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans. In addition to servicing the loans that its mortgage brokers bring in, it also services other loans originated through various lenders. It strives to provide its home owner clients with the same high level of service that it provides mortgage brokers working under the wholesale lending program. Whether you need to make a mortgage payment, access your IRS tax statements or complete another task, you will enjoy easy access to the company through the website as well as through the customer service phone number.

Reaching Out to Franklin American Mortgage

mortgageFranklin American Mortgage makes it easy for you to contact the firm in different ways. For example, if you are looking for a new job, you can apply directly with the company online. If you are interested in the wholesale program or if you have questions about your current loan, the company offers live support through its customer service department Monday through Friday. Many questions can also be answered through the website by logging into your account directly, and this feature is available seven days a week.

Franklin American Mortgage is a growing company, but it continues to value the development of individual relationships with its mortgage brokers and customers. If you are interested in learning more about the lending experience Franklin American Mortgage provides or if you have questions about your current mortgage account, contact the firm today by phone or email to get the friendly service you desire.