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Many homeowners have a mortgage that is currently serviced by First Land Mortgage. If you are new to working with this loan servicer, you may be wondering what to expect from the company’s customer service and which services the company offers online to its valued customers. First Land Mortgage is a reputable and established servicing company that has been serving many satisfied customers for years, and you will be pleased to discover that the company has the infrastructure available as well as the dedication to excellence required to serve you well. By learning more about what First Land Mortgage offers its customers, you may be able to take better advantage of its services when the need arises.

Services Available Online

Firstland_logoFirst Land Mortgage’s website is currently being monitored by Customer CareNet. Customer CareNet is a large service provider that maintains online servicing for many smaller and regional financial institutions across the country, so you will find that the website is well-planned and properly maintained with fast speed. Through the website, you can do everything from check your current account balance and payment status to make a payment and more. The website even allows you to set up auto-draft payments for your mortgage payments, set up email alerts when specific types of activity or inactivity occur on your account and update your contact information online without having to call the customer service phone number.

Services Available Over the Phone

While some customers enjoy the convenience associated with using First Land Mortgage’s website to access their account and to manage account features, others prefer to speak with a live representative for assistance with their account. Live support is available to you through a toll-free number, and a helpful representative can assist you in all of the same ways that the website can. Service is available during established business hours, and the hold time is typically minimal. You may also get extra technical support for the website features when you call the phone number for First Land Mortgage.

What Else You Need to Know About First Land Mortgage

mortgageMany who are not familiar with First Land Mortgage may wonder what else they can expect from this loan servicing company. First Land Mortgage is well-known for providing its customers with friendly, helpful customer service and for being supportive in every way. While these are just a few of the common features that most loan customers need access to, you may have special needs from time to time. When you contact customer service, you will find that each service representative is courteous and knowledgeable, and they can assist you with all of your requests without delay.

In many cases, you cannot choose who your loan is sold to and who services your loan. However, you may feel grateful for the fact that First Land Mortgage is committed to excellence and strives to maintain an easy-to-use website. Whether you need online assistance or live assistance over the phone, First Land Mortgage has the infrastructure in place to make this process fast and straightforward.