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Fidelity Bank makes getting a mortgage for a new home easier than ever. Some banks offer a small number of mortgage types, but Fidelity isn’t one of those banks. If you’re looking to buy a new home, you’ll find several different mortgage options available through Fidelity. The bank offers several types of mortgages for several types of buyers, and their guidelines are simple to understand. If you’re considering a mortgage, see what Fidelity Bank has to offer in terms of rates and options.

Application Process

The application process for a mortgage with Fidelity is simple. Anyone can submit an application online or in person and receive a prompt response for a preapproval. It’s only a day or two to before you’ll receive a response outlining how much you’re preapproved to purchase and how you can make your mortgage work for you. A loan officer will contact you with different rates, options, and suggestions to make the most of your preapproval and impending mortgage so you can begin the process of searching for a new home right away.

Loan Options

Fidelity Mortgage Review 1Fidelity Bank offers several different types of mortgages for several types of buyers.

  • Fixed rate mortgages
  • Adjustable rate mortgages
  • First time home buyer programs
  • Construction loans
  • Renovation loans

You aren’t limited to the type of home you can purchase when you work with Fidelity. The bank offers you a chance to build the home of your dreams with a construction loan. They also offer you a chance to renovate an existing property with a renovation loan, and any first-time homebuyer can apply for a mortgage here. If you move often for work, you might want to look into the adjustable rate mortgage since the rate won’t affect you much if you sell in a few years or less. There are options, and the loan officers at Fidelity work to ensure you know what they are and how each one works for you.

Benefits of a Fidelity Mortgage

Fidelity Bank is familiar with the entire loan process, which is why their lenders work with you from the start. They help you find a preapproval that works for you, but they don’t stop there. Loan officers are happy to sit you down and discuss what you’re approved for versus what you can really afford when you take into consideration the fees and other costs that come with owning a home, from insurance and taxes to maintenance to HOA fees. There’s nothing lenders won’t discuss with you to ensure you really can afford what the bank tells you that you’re qualified to afford.

mortgageAs the loan process is ongoing, your Fidelity loan officer works with you closely so you understand each step of the buying process. You’ll be kept up-to-date as the process is ongoing, and you’ll find there’s no reason to wonder where you stand as your loan is processed. Fidelity also offers a number of online options to make owning your mortgage simpler. You’ll have access to easy online payment options, insurance and tax information, and other online documents you need throughout the course of your new mortgage.

Fidelity Bank issues mortgages to buyers every day, and the overall opinion of buyers is their system works well. Those who have a Fidelity mortgage are happy with their team, their mortgage, and the competitive rates offered by the bank. The reviews of these mortgages are overall positive, which is helpful to buyers who haven’t committed to a bank for their mortgage. Let the satisfaction of others play a part in your final decision when buying a new home.