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Envoy Mortgage makes it easy for anyone to obtain a loan with which to buy a new home. The process is streamlined and simple, even if it’s a smaller mortgage company. Anyone in the market for a new home is free to apply online, over the phone, or in person for a mortgage. Finding the best rate and terms so you can buy the house of your dreams is easier than ever, and it’s something we can only assure you will fit your budget. The first step is locating a preapproval, which is beneficial on several levels.

The first benefit of a preapproval is you know how much you can borrow. Assuming you know how much house you can afford often leaves buyers unhappy with the price range that’s their reality after they’ve already looked at houses they can’t afford. The second benefit is the rates you find when you apply.

How Envoy Determines Rates

Envoy Mortgage Review logoThere’s not a one-size solution for all loans that are issued by Envoy. There are specific considerations buyers must understand, and that’s how rates are determined. You’ll need next to perfect credit to obtain the best rates, but there are other factors at play.

  • Your credit score
  • Your loan term
  • Value of the home you want
  • Location of the home you want
  • How long you’ve been at your current home
  • Time frame between loan app and closing
  • Whether you escrow

Once the loan officers at Envoy know what they’re working with, it’s easier for them to determine the rate you have. You will be issued a rate right away, and it’s locked for a specific timeframe. If your closing lasts beyond the timeframe, you cannot have that rate if it’s no longer an option.

Available Loans

Now you know the rates and terms you have to work with when you choose Envoy to service your loan, you’ll need to know what to expect in terms of your available loans. Can you even afford a home with Envoy based on your down payment, your terms, and what you need from a loan? Envoy offers numerous loan options, and you get to choose the loan that works with your financial situation.

  • mortgage 4Freddie Mac Relief Refinance
  • Fannie Mae DU Refinance Plus
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • Fannie Mae MyCommunity Mortgage
  • Fannie Mae HomePath Mortgage
  • FHA Loans
  • VA Loans
  • USDA Guaranteed Rural Development Loans

No matter your financial situation, you’ll find a loan that works for you. Some loan programs cater to applicants without a down payment or with a low down payment. Other programs cater to those who serve or have served in the United States Armed Forces in any branch, and other loans are more traditional and work the way you might assume they work with at least 20% down and regular financing.

The type of loan you choose to apply for also helps lenders determine your interest rate. Many loans offer lower rates than others, and what you can afford to pay for your loan plays another large role in what you can afford.

Envoy Mortgage isn’t as famous for lending as other national banks and financial institutions, but their rates are competitive and their service is highly personal. Many people who buy a home financed through Envoy appreciate the personalized customer service, because it makes them feel they have someone on their team to help them through the process as it’s ongoing. From start to finish, this is a team that works with buyers to maximize your experience.