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You may be aware that the lender you choose to work with will play a major role in your overall loan experience as well as in how competitive your loan terms are. However, you may not think about what happens after the loan closes. Your lender will continue to service your loan until you sell the home or refinance the loan, and this means that you will have a direct relationship with your lender for years or even decades. With this in mind, you understandably want to make a wise decision about which lender to do business with. Ditech Mortgage is a rapidly growing company that strives to transform the overall lending experience for you, and this may be the right company for you to choose.

Meeting Your Home Loan Needs

Ditech Mortgage ReviewOne of the first things you will notice when working with Ditech Mortgage is that you receive personalized assistance right from the start. Your loan representative will listen to your financial goals and objectives, and he or she will guide you into the right loan program for your needs. Through Ditech Mortgage, you will have access to a traditional 30-year fixed rate as well as a 15-year fixed term, FHA loans and VA loans. These are all loan programs with very low interest rates and closing costs, making them attractive for both home buying and refinancing needs. Your representative will help you to get prequalified so that you can learn more about the exact loan terms that you may receive through Ditech Mortgage.

How Ditech Mortgage is Different

If you think that Ditech Mortgage is just another lender offering similar loan programs every other lender offers, you may want to think again. Ditech Mortgage is committed to transforming your lending experience by focusing on providing honest answers to your questions and fair, competitive pricing on your loan request. More than that, you can expect to close your loan on time and to receive regular updates about the loan status throughout the financing process. These are only a few of the many ways that Ditech Mortgage provides its customers with an improved lending experience.

Getting Started With Your Loan Request

mortgage 09Ditech Mortgage closed more than 126,000 loans last year, and it is on track to close even more loans this year. While this company certainly knows how to get things done and how to satisfy its clients’ needs, it also maintains an excellent track record for providing friendly customer service. If you are ready to begin the loan process, you have two options. You can contact a representative at a branch located close to your home to complete the application over the phone. You can also complete the form online at any time of day or night that is most convenient for you. The application will take several minutes to complete, and you can expedite this process by having information about past residences, your income and employment history and more available before you get started.

Ditech Mortgage is a true leader in the residential lending industry, and you can experience the difference they provide to their customers for yourself by applying for your loan today. After you have completed the prequalification process, you can lock in a low rate and move forward with the rest of the loan process. This is a great way to achieve your home financing goals with a reputable lender.