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DHI Mortgage was originally established several decades ago by the reputable home builder, DR Horton. DR Horton wanted to provide an in-house financing solution to its home buyers to streamline the build process, and this is one of the many factors that has helped DR Horton grow to become one of the leading residential builders in the country. However, while DR Horton has expanded over the years, DHI Mortgage has also grown considerably. Today, DHI Mortgage continues to provide DR Horton clients with quality financing solutions for their home building plans, and it also serves other clients beyond the scope of DR Horton with buying and refinancing plans.

Loan Solutions Available Through DHI Mortgage

DHI Mortgage ReviewDHI Mortgage serves customers who are building new homes from the ground up as well as those who are buying existing structures. It works with customers through its affiliation with DR Horton as well as other customers. Because each loan request that the company reviews is unique, pricing is offered to customers on a case by case basis. By completing a loan application online, you can receive pricing that is tailored specifically to you. This also enables DHI Mortgage to set up the most competitive loan structure possible for your financial situation. While it does take a few minutes to complete a loan application online, you can find comfort knowing that the loan terms quoted to you will be sound. Some of the many loan programs offered by DHI Mortgage include jumbo mortgages, conventional loans, FHA and VA products and much more.

Becoming an Educated Loan Applicant

the mortgageWhether you are a first-time home buyer or it has been several years since you last applied for a home loan, you may not be familiar with terminology and concepts used during the loan application process. DHI Mortgage wants its clients to be educated about their financing options, and it wants to take the stress out of applying for a mortgage. Because of this, it has provided numerous educational resources online for you to access. This includes a wide range of mortgage calculators, a glossary of common loan terms, information about the differences between various loan programs and more. You can explore these resources before you apply or at any time during the process when a question arises.

The Experience of Working With DHI Mortgage

the mortgageYour loan experience with DHI Mortgage begins when you complete the loan application. Assistance is provided to loan applicants as needed, and you simply need to call the company directly to speak with a loan rep about questions regarding the loan application. In addition, you will love the fact that the DHI Mortgage team regularly calls or emails each client with loan status updates and to follow up on outstanding items needed for the loan. You will never feel lost in the process or confused about what is being asked for when you work with DHI Mortgage.

Some loan applicants think that DHI Mortgage only works on DR Horton home loan requests, but this is not the case. It provides all home loan applicants with easy access to competitive financing terms, and it also offers friendly, prompt service to all clients. If you are interested in getting a loan quote from the team at DHI Mortgage, simply complete the loan form online to get started.