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When most people think about Costco, they think about getting great deals at a wholesale store for everything from food to clothing, furnishings and more. You may not realize that Costco also has a mortgage division available through First Choice Loan Services. While this lender may not be well-known to many individuals, the brand name Costco is. You can expect to receive the same friendly, affordable services from Costco Mortgage as you would from the wholesale store. After taking time to learn more about the loan programs available to you through Costco Mortgage, you may decide to apply for your next loan with this company.

The Many Loan Programs Available

Costco Mortgage Review 2Just as there is something for almost everyone at your local Costco store, the same holds true with Costco Mortgage. First Choice Loan Services, or Costco Mortgage, offers great loan rates and terms for purchasing and refinancing loan requests, and there is even a VA loan option available. You will need to be an active Costco Wholesale member in order to apply, and you may be able to purchase a membership online if you do not currently have one. You can complete an online loan request to view today’s current rates that may be applicable to you based on your credit rating, and this holds true for any type of loan program you may currently be interested in.

Putting Online Resources to Work for You

Whether you apply for your mortgage through Costco Mortgage or another service provider, you may have many questions and concerns. The website at Costco Mortgage is designed to provide customers with a wide range of educational tools and resources. For example, you can learn more about the loan application process, when to refinance, the benefits of refinancing, what a VA loan is and more all through different articles posted on the website. Taking time to explore these articles in detail before you apply can help you to be a more educated loan applicant.

The Level of Service You Expect From Costco

Costco Mortgage Review 1If you are a current Costco member, you may be wondering what to expect from the loan process. You will be thrilled to learn that Costco Mortgage strives to provide each member with the same high level of service that you have come to enjoy from the wholesale store you regularly shop at. Each member will receive personalized attention from a representative assigned to their loan request, and this gives you a specific contact point to reach out to for all of your questions and concerns. While there is not a local office where you can visit to communicate face-to-face with a representative, phone and email correspondence is plentiful throughout the loan process.

If you are a current member of Costco or if you have been thinking about becoming a member, applying for your next home loan through Costco Mortgage could be a money-saving idea. By completing the quick online loan quote form, you could get a better idea about the low rates and fees associated with a home loan through Costco Mortgage.