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Choosing the right mortgage company to apply for a new home loan with is often a complicated process. Your home loan payment is usually one of the most significant expenses in a person’s budget, so you understandably want to get a great deal on your loan. More than that, the loan application and underwriting process may take many weeks or longer, and it can cost you hundreds of dollars or more in fees. The success of your application will impact your mortgage payment. Clearly, you have a lot riding on your selection of a mortgage company to apply with, and with this in mind, it is understandable why so many people choose Cole Taylor Mortgage as their preferred financing company. Cole Taylor Mortgage is an esteemed mortgage company that offers a full range of lending products to choose from. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, this company was founded in 2013. While still relatively new to the marketplace, it has grown substantially since its inception.

What You Can Expect From Cole Taylor Mortgage

Cole Taylor Mortgage Review

Like many other mortgage companies you make be thinking about applying with, Cole Taylor Mortgage offers an incredible selection of products to choose from. This includes adjustable and fixed rate conventional loans, government loans, FHA programs, HARP loans, jumbo loans and even USDA rural housing programs. Unlike other mortgage companies, however, Cole Taylor Mortgage is committed to keeping its rates as low as possible without sacrificing on customer service.

Where Cole Taylor Mortgage Operates

Before you apply for a home loan through Cole Taylor Mortgage, it is important to consider where the company is licensed to conduct business. In addition to serving customers throughout Michigan from its Ann Arbor office, it also has other offices in Michigan, including Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills, East Lansing, Northville, Waterford and Taylor. In addition, it is licensed and has branch offices in Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, Georgia, Missouri, Florida, California, Connecticut, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana and New York. Notable office locations include Philadelphia, Chicago, Jacksonville, San Diego, Rochester and Raleigh, to name a few. This is a subsidiary of the established financial institution Cole Taylor Bank.

How You Can Benefit By Choosing Cole Taylor Mortgage

mortgageWith many mortgage companies to choose from across the nation, it is important to consider what Cole Taylor Mortgage offers before you apply. This is a large and growing company that understands that the secret to its success lies as much in offering competitive loan programs as it does in providing friendly, focused customer service on a consistent basis. The company wants to help each client achieve specific goals they have, and this is initially accomplished by taking time to listen to each customer’s needs as a first step. Throughout the loan process, you can expect to receive the same high level of focused attention.

Cole Taylor Mortgage may not yet be a household name, but with its focus on customer service and competitive loan terms, rest assured that it is on the right path to achieve success in this area. You can always expect great things when you choose to apply for your home loan through Cole Taylor Mortgage, and you can seek out a representative in a branch office located closest to you for live assistance with your loan application.