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Getting a new home can be an exciting experience for anyone, but many people also feel lost and confused when they try to find the best bank from which to get a loan. With so many options on the market, finding the right one for your needs can be a challenge. A lot of consumers, however, turn to Citibank when they need to get a mortgage for their next home, and most of them are pleased with the outcome. The choice that you will want to make will depend on several factors, but you will always want to learn as much as you can before moving forward with the process.

Rates and Fees

Citibank Mortgage ReviewIf you are putting in the effort to determine whether Citibank is the right option for you, taking a look at the rates and fees that they charge is a smart move. Some people rush into the buying phase without doing the proper research, and they often end up overpaying as a result. When you enlist the services of Citibank, you will be asked to pay a small application fee. Once you are approved, you can expect an interest rate of 5 percent.


To avoid wasting money, consider the requirements of getting a loan from this lender before you opt to pay the application fee. The loan officer might be willing to work with you in some cases, but you will need to have a steady employment history of at least two years. When your goal is to avoid unneeded problems, you should have a credit score of 600 points or higher when you are ready to move forward. Not everyone knows their current credit rating, and if you can relate to that problem, you can look it up online without paying a fee.

Customer Service

mortgage reviews 5No matter how good of a deal you can get, never overlook a bank’s dedication to customer service. Without an effective customer service department, a finance company won’t be able to answer your questions or address your concerns as promptly as you might like. Citibank has a chat box on their website that you can use to speak with one of their representatives during normal business hours, allowing you always to stay in touch. In addition to offering a chat feature, Citibank also allows customers to start the application process online, saving you time and energy.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Citibank is an excellent choice for anyone who has a decent credit rating and a stable job. Some individuals are put off by the application fee, but those who earn an approval will enjoy low interest rates and friendly service that is focused on meeting their needs. If you have been looking for a reputable bank that has a proven history of exceeding expectations, this could be the right path for you. Although this information can point you in the right direction, you will still need to contact Citibank if you want to get a clear picture.