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Churchill Mortgage is a simple company that makes it easy for customers to get the loan that they need to buy a home or to get a lower monthly payment for an existing home. Agents genuinely care for the customers who use the services that are offered. They will communicate with customers in various ways, such as email messages and phone calls. If there are any delays with messages that need to be sent or received, the agents will do everything possible in order to make sure the lines of communication are opened as soon as possible.

Churchill Mortgage Review 1There are a few negative points to get out of the way with the mortgage company. The website doesn’t always list the loans that are offered. You usually have to call the office to find out about the loans and the rates that are offered. There is information about the credit qualifications that isn’t listed on the site. This comes as a surprise to many customers as they want to know the options and potential ramifications of not have the credit that is needed for the loan to be approved. At times, the company wants people to contact the office so that an agent can explain the loans and to try to get them to choose the loan with the highest rate possible as the agents are looking to make more money for the company.

Sometimes, there are indications that the agents are too busy helping other people to be bothered by customers. However, it’s best to keep calling if there is no response as the agents are willing to help anyone who is looking for a mortgage loan. One of the issues that some customers have is that it does take longer getting a response over the phone than it does if an email is sent. This is because the company is smaller and that there aren’t as many agents on hand to handle the situations that tend to arise.

Dave Ramsey is known for working with the company. This has been a mortgage 3blessing and a curse for some people who are trying to get a loan. There are some who feel that the credit requirements are a bit too demanding while others think that the company tries to stay fair in the requirements of credit scores and income levels. Most of the agents are courteous and professional and will keep interest rates low as well as the monthly payments.