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Whether you are a first-time homeowner trying to navigate the mortgage application process or you are an experienced loan applicant, you may be pleased with the great selection of loan programs BBT Mortgage offers as well as by its overall easy application process. There are a wide range of lenders you could choose to do business with, but many prefer to turn right to a trusted, established name in the industry. BBT Mortgage is one of the few financial institutions that can accurately state that it has been proudly serving its banking customers since 1872. This is a full-service banking company that offers products that range from checking and savings accounts to credit cards, IRAs and much more. It also has a robust lending department that you can reach out to when buying a new home or refinancing an existing mortgage.

The Loan Programs BBT Mortgage Offers

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From building a dream home to the ground up to refinancing your mortgage for cash to make home improvements, there are many reasons why loan applicants need to apply for new financing. BBT Mortgage understands that each client has unique goals they want to accomplish through the loan process, and they offer the diverse range of programs necessary for most to accomplish their goals. This includes construction loans, home equity loans, 15 and 30-year conventional loans with a fixed or adjustable rate, VA loans, low down payment programs and more.

How to Begin the Loan Application Process

BBT Mortgage makes it fast and easy to begin the loan application process and to lock in a low interest rate. You simply visit their well-designed website, and you click on the bright link that tells you to “Get Pre-Qualified.” This takes you to a short form that will later use the same information you submitted to feed into a full loan application. Through the prequalification form, you can learn more about the specific loan program that may be a best fit for your needs, and you can learn about the exact rates that may be applied to your loan request.

Throughout the Loan Process

mortgageEverything about applying for a new home loan with BBT Mortgage is designed to be straightforward and simple. While few will ever state that the mortgage process is easy, BBT Mortgage goes out of its way to simplify the process for its loan applicants. Many of the loan documents you provide can be uploaded online rather than faxed or mailed. You can also check on the status of your loan request over the Internet. While much of the process is automated, you will also enjoy the friendly, personalized service of a loan rep who is assigned to your case. This professional will reach out to you periodically to apprise you of the status of your loan request, and you can contact him or her as well to discuss any questions or concerns you have throughout the process.

BBT Mortgage may be one of many lenders you are thinking about working with, but you will find that working with one of the most established and well-trusted names in the lending industry is a smart choice. This is a company that offers loans throughout the nation and that is ready to begin working for you soon. If you are thinking about applying for any type of new residential mortgage, now is a great time to visit the BBT Mortgage website for more information about the loan programs they offer and to begin the loan process.