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Finding a great loan for a manufactured or mobile home can be challenging. It may seem like most home lenders will not consider this type of housing as collateral, and they only want to lend on site-built properties. While it may feel as though your loan options are limited, you can easily gain access to many fabulous manufactured housing loan programs through 21st Mortgage. This is a Berkshire Hathaway company that was established in 1995 in Knoxville. While it originally only served the southern region of the United States, the company has expanded over the years. It currently has more than 650 employees and provides its manufactured housing loan programs to customers across the country.

The Loan Terms Available at 21st Mortgage

21st Century Mortgage ReviewSome lenders publish their lowest interest rates online as a teaser, but this is not the case with 21st Mortgage. The team at 21st Mortgage understands that each request for a manufactured housing loan is unique. Because of this, each loan request will receive different pricing. Those who want to learn more about the competitive loan terms that they may be approved for can easily complete the online loan application at the 21st Mortgage website. Information about your income and employment, your residency history and your outstanding debts will be requested on the application, so you can save time completing the application by gathering together the information you need before you sign on to fill out the online form.

The 21st Mortgage Loan Servicing Department

After your manufactured housing loan request closes, you can take ownership of your new home and start enjoying the life you have been dreaming about. However, you will also need to start making regular monthly payments on your home loan. The easiest method available for making payments is to log into your account with 21st Mortgage online and to submit your payment electronically. The company also allows you to set up auto-drafts to come out of your account at the same time each month, and this ensures that you never miss a payment on your home loan. Payments may also be made over the phone or through the mail at your convenience.

Other Ways 21st Mortgage Serves You

mortgageBecause 21st Mortgage wants to help each of its clients in every way possible, the company has also established a competitive insurance department. As part of your home loan requirements, you will need to obtain and maintain coverage on your manufactured housing. Just as it can be difficult to find a lending solution for manufactured housing, it can also be difficult to insure this type of housing. However, through 21st Mortgage, you can obtain great insurance coverage that is fully protective against fire, theft, hail, flooding and more. You can request a quote for housing insurance through the website today.

While many lenders are focused on providing home loans on traditional, site-built structures, many people want to take advantage of the affordability that a manufactured home provides, and they are actively searching for financing on their home. Through 21st Mortgage, you can find great loan terms on manufactured housing, and you can also make your payments and even insure your structure. Learn more about what 21st Mortgage offers by exploring the website today.